The Hearthstone Select Collection features an extensive line of beautifully carved and finished soapstone stoves. Soapstone stoves by Hearthstone are renowned for being very elegant, framed with intricately lain woodwork.

Hearthstone soapstone stoves are not only known for aesthetics, but also with the quality and quantity of soapstone they use on a single stove.

Soapstone is known to be one of the most efficient natural stones when it comes to heat resistance, dispersion, and retention. Hearthstone makes sure that the soapstone’s thermal mass is ideal for what they call HeatLife – or the duration of each Hearthstone stove to efficiently retain and disperse heat.

Keeping in with the classic look of the Hearthstone stoves, the Equinox does not disappoint. Created to accommodate the biggest of spaces, it can efficiently heat up a room up to 3,500 sq ft. – ideal for big living rooms or vacation cabins. Remarkably, this warm treasure chest has a burning life up to 12 hours and can retain and radiate heat for up to 4 hours more (16). It features a 4.0 cubic foot firebox that is able to accommodate wood for up to 25”.

Its unique air tube structure keeps the fire burning, and let’s you enjoy the spectacular firework display through a clear glass window, or through an optional screen for open door viewing.

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