Vermont wood stoves have already been in the scene for years, and along its long history, they have provided one of the most trusted wood stoves -even famous author Mark Twain (author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), had been one of the many people who was satisfied with the warmth of Vermont soapstone wood burning stoves.

The Vermont Soapstone stoves combine the toughness and endurance of both soapstone and cast iron. The main chamber for fire is made entirely of cast iron, for maximum heat generation.

The cast iron chamber is then enveloped in a thick casing of beautifully carved soapstone.

My personal favorite among the Vermont soapstone products is the Vermont Bun Baker 1500. yes, not only is it a home heater, it is an oven as well! It features two chambers with glass windowed cast iron doors, a lower chamber as an oven, and the upper chamber as the primary furnace. It has a thick 2 3/8” inch soapstone that efficiently keeps the fire burning and at the same time keeps a room as large as 1,000 sq ft nice and toasty. The Vermont Bun Baker also features a nice space underneath the oven to keep your wood at immediate vicinity and clutter-free.

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